Wednesday, June 29, 2011


One of the biggest problems I've seen with political dialogues is that when it comes to issues all across the spectrum, everybody is talking at different levels. You have some people with one understanding of an issue saying what they think is right based on their understanding, and other people saying other things based on their understanding, and then someone with a greater or lesser understanding will say something and the same generally-well-meaning people will riot over how that person is wrong, and it's just a fucking mess. And this applies to people talking on the street just as well as it does Congress and the House of Reps and the variety of morons putting in their bids for the presidency. It takes a huge amount of concentrated effort for any kind of clear and basic communication to take place, let alone constructive debate.

It's because everything's so damn personal.

There's no way to separate who someone is - their backround, ideology, theology, psychology - from their ability to make decisions. In most cases, that's a very good thing (theology excluded. That is never a good thing. In the U.S., at least). We don't want robots making bottom-line objective decisions. Then you end up with...I don't know, the world in Biting the Sun or something (not that that wouldn't be fascinating). But we just have this incredible surplus of people who can't take their theology out of it, who can't think beyond their own comfort and self-righteousness.

I don't know. Whenever I try to articulate thoughts on politics I almost always end up talking in circles and confusing myself.

The point of this, however, was that I am NOT HAPPY with this country. And it had better GET IN LINE or else it will get NO SUPPER.

Also, I think that studying the ways that people communicate is really interesting. I should look into that.

ALSO-ALSO, Stephen Colbert is what Republicans wish they were. Middle-aged. White. Charismatic. Interesting. Funny.

Ugh, I hate them so much.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meandering through my day.

Seriously, that's all I've been doing. I've gotten some work done at work - finished a mailing project and got a spreadsheet to the point where I'll be able to finish it easily tomorrow - but mostly I've just been distracted and useless. I know that the faster I get these projects done, the better it'll look on my review, but frankly? The review isn't until September, and unless my supervisor is making notes on every single thing I do, which she isn't, I really doubt that the fact that I had a couple of slow days is going to come up.

I'm not trying to play the system, I promise. I just can't concentrate.

Last Saturday I had a terrible migraine. Not just a bad headache, but a couldn't-open-my-eyes, throwing-up-from-the-pain, sunlight-lancing-into-my-temples, on-and-off-fever, kill-me-now migraine. It was like having the flu times the worst headache of my life, and it was miserable.

So then I worked again all day on Sunday (did I mention that I didn't get a weekend? Yeah. Worked at the cafe both days) with a sort of persistent low-level headache, and by the time I was all settled in at work on Monday (post-8 AM meeting, of all things), I could feel another migraine on the way. So I did the smart thing, called my supervisor, and took off for home, where I spent the next four hours trying to sleep through the worst of it. As if that was really a possibility.

Anyway, though, the point of all of this rambling and complaining is that I hate migraines, and I'm feeling better now, and I never, ever, ever want to have another one again.

Thirteen minutes left of work. Then I can go grab the dog, and we will play and frolic and romp and splash at the lake park for a while. Still haven't done any writing - though I've done lots and lots of talking about the writing I haven't done - so maybe I'll get to that later? I don't know. Running on four hours of sleep, so I'm somewhat keyed up and cranky. We did...ten loads of laundry last night. Or something like that. It was epic, and it took forever, oh my god the apartment is perpetually a disorganized, dog-hair-infested mess.

But it's cool. Seriously, it's cool.