Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Myths About Introverts, awesome shows, general update.

Warning: long post is long. Just so you know.

Okay, I just stumbled on a post by Carl King called "10 Myths About Introverts", and it. Is. Wonderful.

I'm a pretty strong introvert, and it feels weirdly self-centered to say, but I could see some of myself in every single one of these points. The first one, especially, made me laugh, because once I get going talking about something I love with a friend, it's really damn hard for me to shut up. The thing about dopamine sensitivity makes so much sense, and really, it's nice knowing that there's a biological reason that people react differently to situational stimulation. I've often been really, really embarassed at how overwhelmed I've felt in groups, crowds, at work, whatever - like there's just so much going on, and while I can keep up for a while, I just don't have the energy to be constantly reacting to everything around me. And it doesn't mean that there aren't certain times that I just adore being out in public, because there totally are. It's just...everything in moderation, you know? And, knowing this, it means that not everything has to be laid at the feet of social/general/whatever anxiety. It's still a factor, but it's not the be-all and end-all of my social woes.

(Also, it makes me kind of proud that I got through a year of full-time food service, because holy chaotic situations, Batman!)

Anyway, general update? Um. Work's fine, pretty busy. I'm all about making myself more and more useful right now in the hopes of snagging extra hours, because right now it seems like a better bet than spreading myself thin over another job.

I'm also kiiind of starting to learn some wireworking techniques for jewelry making, which is crazy fun (and HARD, my GOD), though I think I might not be the wireworking type - I'm finding that I prefer beads made of semiprecious stones and antiqued brass chains and unique pendants, preferably with oceanic/steampunk/generally unique themes. Also, when you play with wire, you end up with metal smudges all over your hands and weird smells, which is slightly offputting. Nate's already much better at it than I am, too. I think he's going to work on making kilt pins, but you never know with him.

I ordered a gorgeous necklace from Sandrandan Jewelry on Etsy last week (Heather, look at that store! I think there's a lot there that you'd like. Possibly). It was totally impulsive, which is really not normal for me (in the past, I haven't been into jewelry too much - I tend to lose things pretty easily, and...I don't know. It costs money?), but I just about fainted when I saw it, it was so lovely. It's a stylized brass poppy with three amber drops on one side - has really gorgeous kind of asymetrical Art Nouveau thing going on. I also ordered some tiny little brass lockets with settings for tiny little cabochons (8mm! So small!), which will be green glass beads with yellow roses. So those will be fun to add to whatever I end up making.

I think I'm a little bit addicted to Etsy.

Aside from that, though, not too much else going on here. We're still waging the Apartment War - yesterday Nate won the Battle of the Jeans, which previously were in a terrifyingly enormous pile and now are neatly folded and put away. We also swept, mopped, and did dishes. So that's actually some really good progress.

I don't know what else. I've been terrible on the communication front, which has definitely been an on-and-off theme lately. Last week was actually really rough - things didn't start turning around until the weekend. So hopefully they'll keep getting better, I guess. Oh! Two shows we've been watching that I wanted to mention!

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss's "Sherlock", which currenly only has three 90-minute episodes up for season one on Netflix, is one of the absolute best things I've ever seen EVER. It's a modern update of the Sherlock Holmes thing, and it's got Martin Freeman as Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, and oh my god. I can't wait for season two. Each episode is movie-length, so they're a bit of a time commitment, but they're so witty and well done. Best quote (from Sherlock): "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Learn the difference." He's very much in the tradition of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock, except that his Sherlock loves to text, and it is just so wonderful. Also, Martin Freeman is adorable. As usual.

The other show is Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse", which I really wasn't impressed with until maybe the third or fourth episode - Eliza Dushku isn't the greatest actress, but she's certainly not terrible, and there are some really great characters in it. Not to mention the fact that it's setting up a really, really interesting dystopia. It moves more slowly than Buffy or Firefly, though, so you really have to have some patience and get past how much more sexualized it seems than Whedon's other work. I mean, he's never shied away from things being sexy, but this time it feels like it's all over - the theme song, the main character, the settings. It's not bad, though, and it'll take something pretty extreme to keep me from watching to the end.

(Okay, random thing - I keep getting calls from someone named, and I'm not kidding, "Bambino Lamb". I don't think this is a real person. They keep calling and hanging up. Very odd.)

Anyway, though, this is a much, much longer entry than I was planning on. I'd probably better wrap it up.