Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aravi, the Sirens, and Religion

Hey you! I know you're on the verge of super-duper big life changes, but as soon as you're back in MN we will (if we're smart and motivated) have a much easier time writing (I hope), and thinking about that meant that some ideas began percolating a bit.

Okay, so we were thinking that Elydra would have six uncles, with her mother being the youngest of her grandmother's children (since she had to keep going until she produced a female). Would it be crazy if each uncle held stewardship of one Maranese city? Aravi, as the oldest, would of course have (the one on the coast), which is second only to the capital in beauty and size.

(As a note, what if the capital used to be the one by the coast, but a queen was assassinated by the sirens a couple of centuries ago - the last time they were really active - and to protect the lineage, the capital was moved further inland? That would explain part of why the coastal one is so beautiful, and also why the main Caisharad tower is there.)

Anyway, what if these sort of preacher-ish guys begin roaming the countryside proclaiming that the Caisharad are evil and that because their power originated from the Sirens, they should be destroyed because nothing good can come of it? And that the queen, as the hub of the power, should be replaced by someone with no connection to the power...which would also eliminate all of the protection Marann has from the Sirens. Aravi could be behind it, as a subtle attempt to begin to undermine the power of the Caisharad and the queen. Then, when tensions get really high and people begin believing that the Caisharad really are evil, Aravi could make his move and have more followers right off the bat (though, of course, they wouldn't know that he - and the rest of the uncles, except maybe for one, perhaps the youngest? One should stand with Elydra - ALSO gets his power from the Sirens, except that his is really the evil one). That could stir up some really good dissent against Elydra, too - some people could actually believe that she's just a pawn of the Sirens, and they could blame the worsening state of the country on that, when in reality, she's doing everything she can just to protect them FROM the Sirens.

Erm, hopefully that makes sense. I have to get back to work, but I might come back and edit this later. Not sure.

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